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Department of National Parks & Wildlife

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Horse Riding Nyika National Park, Malawi

Accessed by just a single rough dirt road, Malawi’s largest national park is easily the most enchanting place in the country.

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A Wide Variety of

Though the landscape is magical in itself, and certainly worth the pilgrimage, the wildlife is why most people visit.

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Nyika National Park Awesome Landscape

At over 2500m above sea level, the 3200 sq km park’s sublime grassland flashes with zebra, Roan antelope, eland, bush pig, 400 species of bird, and over 200 species of orchid.

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Welcome to the TFCA

In Partnership

Government of Malawi & Zambia partnered to make this possible.

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Joint Conservation

through planning, institution building, fundraising and capacity building

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Ineractive Maps

Get pin point maps and directions on your vists.

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New Horizons Await

Kasungu National Park Malawi
Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve - Malawi
Lukusuzi National Park Zambia
Makutu Forest Reserve Zambia

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  • About TFCA

    The project supports transboundary biodiversity conservation through planning, institution building, fundraising and capacity building for protected area management within three management blocks belonging to Nyika TFCA.