The MoU to commence with the establishment of the Malawi-Zambia TFCA lists a number of protected areas varying in status, for inclusion in the TFCA. These included the Nyika National Park, Kasungu National Park and Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve (WR) of Malawi. The Zambian areas listed were Nyika National Park, Lukusuzi National Park; Lundazi, Mitengi and Mikuti Forest Reserves (FR) and the Musalangu Game Management Area (GMA).

Initially, a distinction was made between (1) the Nyika TFCA (including both Nyika national parks (NP), Vwaza Marsh, the northern section of the Lundazi FR, Mitengi FR and Mikuti FR, and Musalangu GMA) and (2) Kasungu/Lukusuzi TFCA (including Kasungu and Lukusuzi National Parks, the southern and central sections of Lundazi FR and a still to be defined corridor through the Mwasemphangwe/Chikomene area of Zambia linking the national parks).

However, a decision was taken in 2013 to refer to the entire area as only the Malawi-Zambia TFCA and to include North Luangwa National Park (NLNP) as a further component of Zambia.

PARTNER COUNTRY                     COMPONENT        SIZE    

Malawi                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Kasungu National Park                                    2,316
Nyika National Park                                        3,134
Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve                                982
Subtotal                                 6,432

Lukusuzi National Park                                   2,720
Lundazi Forest Reserve (part of)                           839
Nyika National Park                                         80
North Luangwa National Park                              4,636
Mikuti Forest Reserve                                     388
Mitengi Forest Reserve                                   186
Musalangu Game Management Area               13,579
Subtotal                           22,428
TOTAL                              28,860

From a spatial perspective however, the Nyika-North Luangwa component forms the focus area of this Integrated Development Plan .

Only a part of the Lundazi FR that lies to the north and east of the town of Chama is included in the above figure. The total size of Lundazi FR is 2,899km2. It should be noted that a large part of the Lundazi FR enjoys dual status under Zambian legislation and is also part of the Musalangu GMA.

The two Nyika NPs lie adjacent to one another on either side of the international border. The Lundazi FR is situated adjacent to the Nyika NP (Zambia) and provides a physical link to the Vwaza Marsh WR that lies to the south of the Nyika Plateau. The Lundazi FR and Vwaza Marsh share a common boundary along the international border. The two remaining forest reserves in Zambia are the Mitengi FR that lies adjacent to and to the west of the Nyika NP (Zambia) and the extreme northern tip of the Lundazi FR. Mikuti FR extends to the northwest from where it adjoins the Lundazi FR along the Chire River in the section that lies between the Matendo and Lusangani Rivers. Both these rivers are northern tributaries of the Chire River which is also referred to as the Chire/Luwumba in its northern reaches and as the Luwumba closer to its junction with the Luangwa River.

The largest protected area by far is the Musalangu Game Management Area (GMA) of Zambia. This area extends from the eastern escarpment of the Luangwa Valley to the Mpika escarpment on the western side. The Luangwa River flows through Musalangu from north to south.

North Luangwa National Park (NLNP) is situated in the northern part of the Luangwa valley, in the Mpika district of the Northern Province of Zambia. The size of the park is 4,636km2 lying and forms part of the larger Luangwa valley ecosystem in a catchment area covering 144,000km2, with a great deal of contrasting attributes that include the Muchinga escarpment, Luangwa valley, vegetation complexes and Luangwa River.

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